• It's a break for everyone.

Our more than 66 million annual visitors aren’t just good for the tourism industry, they’re good for our entire economy. In fact, in the past year, tourists paid over $436 million in sales taxes.Their payment of over $294 million in annual tourist development taxes improve our infrastructure and help build many of the public venues we residents enjoy. They are the reason our population andbusinesses not associated with tourism are thriving, too. The bottom-line is: tourism creates jobs, businesses and a better quality-of-life for everyone who lives here. Including you.


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If Central Florida didn’t have a thriving travel and tourism industry, many of us would probably not live here. There would far fewer jobs, less infrastructure and a smaller population. The truth is, more than 296,000 of us work in some aspect of the travel and tourism industry. It’s easy to recognize the faces of the industry, employees at the hotels, theme parks, restaurants, retail outlets, but many other jobs rely on a vibrant travel and tourism industry, like construction businesses, architectural firms, accounting firms, grocery stores, auto dealers, air conditioning contractors, the list goes on and on. Many of these companies would not directly attribute their business to tourism, but they are all linked to products and services needed by a growing metropolitan area–an area that is prosperous and growing because of tourism.

The benefits keep coming, too.

The millions of tourists who visit here take home wonderful memories, but their contribution to our local economy and quality-of-life remain. The economic impact from hotels, theme parksand businesses that tourism has helped create, directly improves our schools, helps build arts and cultural centers, sports venues and the many world-class dining and shopping destinations weall enjoy every day. Our exposure to the world as one of the most visited destinations anywhere has fueled a diversity of culture and experiences that rivals most metro areas twice our size.All of us should take great pride in the fact that we live in an area most people only get to visit for a special vacation. Our exceptional lifestyle is a direct result of our tourism industry.

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